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Play it Again  by  Scarlett Metal

Play it Again by Scarlett Metal
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This is a novella and the Prequel to the first book in the An Up North Series. This is a story of unexpected love between Kara, a city girl visiting her grandparents for the summer and JT, who just moved to the city of Mountain with his father to get him out of their home town so he can get over the loss of his wife, JTs Mother.It really isnt a bad novella at all but it all happens very very quickly. By day three they are already announcing their love for each other and that makes it very unrealistic. I think it should have been a little longer or the author should have played with the time a little bit and jumped to a few months in the future.

Other than the fact that the speed of things happening are unrealistic, its actually a really good storyline and im looking forward to Book one on the series. Im definitely reading it. I need to know what happens with JT and Kara because this book has a MAJOR CLIFFY !!!I liked Kara, and since im not a fan of the females this says a lot ...

she is very well written, she has a good personality and isnt whiney and annoying. I like JT as well but he definitely wasnt alpha. A little more on the quiet, timid side. Im hoping his alpha comes out in book one because he really has potential.And im not sure if anyone will notice this, but i noticed, i like how she doesnt overly describe how they look ... she gives a little and i get to imagine how they both look. I really like that because i really like to use my imagination ...dont get me wrong i use it when they tell me and come up with my own book boyfriend and girlfriend, but i loved that she didnt give too much.The sex was nice.

It wasnt hot or overly described but it was nice all the same. Again, im hoping it gets a little more hot in the next book but its not something id walk away from either. She did a good job writing it.The spelling and grammar were good and the story was told nicely.I am looking forward to the first book in this series that will follow up this novella.

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